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Don’t Avoid Atlanta GA Septic Tank Service

Atlanta GA Septic Tank Service is just like any other home maintenance and should be conducted accordingly. Master Rooter explains that annual inspections and regular pumping are just like every other investment in your home, and if you aren’t maintaining your septic tank with regular Atlanta GA Septic Tank Service, you could be up for some expensive repairs or a possible replacement. One of the most overlooked parts of a septic tank system is the drainfield.

The Leach Field

Your drainfield, or leach field, removes impurities and contaminants from the liquids that emerge from your septic tank system. If your drainfield smells bad or is saturated call Master Rooter immediately as emptying the contents of the tank could cause your tank to float, which will break your pipes. If this occurs you will have hazardous waste in your home.

If your drain field is soggy or stinky, make sure that you keep family and friends away from the soggy soil and standing water as it is a biohazard. Keep your pets and small children away with a temporary fence. Call Master Rooter as quickly as possible and cut back on water use. Had you scheduled regular Atlanta GA Septic Tank Service this may have been avoided.


If you do not have your septic tank pumped regularly, call Master Rooter who can help with a pumping schedule, you are risking drainfield failure. Because the scum and sludge layers become too thick without regular septic tank pumping, there isn’t any room for the waste water to pool while the ingredients separate. Your drainfield can also fail because of age. According to Master Rooter the lifespan of a drainfield is about 30 to 35 years.

Unfortunately, you will not notice anything wrong until the damage has been done. If Master Rooter cannot repair the drainfield problem, you will most likely need a replacement.

Don’t risk the expense, call Master Rooter for Atlanta GA Septic Tank Service today.

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